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Pool Ozonator Special - Keep Checking for new specials

MZPF xxxx gm/hr D.I.Y Swimming Pool Ozonator Kit:

Experience swimming in fresh smelling ozonated water. Kind to the skin, soft to the touch and crystal clear .

Just enter your contact details and send your email before the cutoff date. We will be in contact with you ASAP to rush your your bargain.


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MZPF2000 - 30000L pool - R xxxx

MZPF4000 - 50000L pool - R xxxx

MZPF8000 - 80000L pool - R xxxx

MZPF10000 -100000L pool - R xxxx


Any freight cost will be extra. Payment will need to be made within 3 days of the invoice date by electronic transfer. Goods will only be dispatched once confirmation of payment has been made. Please note this is a Do-it -yourself offer. Terms and conditions apply.

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