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How To make Ozonated drinking water

This is what you will need

picture of filling glass with water picture of full glass of water picture of ozone being bubbled through glass of water


  1. Fill 25% of the Glass with ice blocks and the rest of the glass with water
  2. Connect some silicone tube to the airstone, and the other end of the tube to the "ozone out" outlet on the ozone generator.
  3. Connect a nother piece of silicone tubing to the air pump outlet and the other end of the silicone tubing to the "air in" inlet on the ozone generator.
  4. Switch on both the ozone generator and the air pump.You should feel and hear air blowing out of the airstone and notice the distinct ozone smell.
  5. Place the airstone in the glass. You should see lots of tiny bubbles developing inside the water.
  6. You can bubble ozone in the water for approx 1-2 minutes if you have a 500 mg/hr ozone machine.
  7. After approx 2-5 minutes, power off the ozone generator (and air pump) and remove the airstone from the glass.
  8. Drink or use the Ozonated water as soon as you can after making it. The ozone will slowly revert back to oxygen over approx 15 to 30 minutes.

The purpose of the ice is to make the water as cold as possible in order to absorb more ozone and for it to revert back to oxygen over a longer period of time. Room temperature water loses its ozone within 10 to 15 minutes.

Ozonated Drinking Water

Possible uses for Ozonated Water:-

You can use the same ozone generator for air applications:-

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